At St Michael’s our contemporary approach to learning is supported through the use of digital technology. The use of technology is effectively used to enhance learning outcomes across all stages of the curriculum.

Our staff incorporate appropriate eLearning strategies to provide authenticity to the curriculum outcomes. The students are actively engaged in contemporary, collaborative and creative learning opportunities.

BYODD was introduced at St Michael’s in 2012. The program was gradually implemented in classes from K - 6.  During this time the STMLC BYODD site was created to support students and parents with the use of technology. This site is constantly reviewed and updated.

St Michael’s has designed and implemented a whole school digital citizenship program from K-6. Twice a year all classes are involved in ‘bootcamps’ which address issues in relation to being a responsible digital citizen who is aware of their digital footprint. This program includes the review of the SCS Students Acceptable use of Technology Agreement.

In 2016 St Michael’s was accredited as an eSmart school. eSmart provides the school community with a range of resources that supports continuous acceptable use of technology in a safe, smart and responsible environment.

Teachers are involved in ongoing Professional Development through internal and external sources to support the innovative use of technology in their classroom.  

The school has recently upgraded and increased the number of laptops available for student use along with a number of iPads. Smartboards have been replaced with large screen TV’s in each classroom with either apple TV or airdrop capability. A number of microscope attachments were purchased for the iPads in 2017.

To support the new Digital Technologies curriculum robotics has recently become part of the student's learning program. Our resources include 3D printers, Drones, Spheros, Edison robots, mBot robots, Bee Bots and other devices.