Spencer House (Red)

Kevin “Chevy” Spencer was very community minded and demonstrated this through his active involvement in the St Mary’s Parish and School. Both Mr and Mrs Spencer were instrumental in the establishment of both the school and parish in 1979. 
After his wife passed away, Kevin continued to provide for his six children and was eventually employed as the part-time cleaner of St Mary’s School. Kevin loved gardening as he would spend countless hours making the school and Church grounds look immaculate. He would often treat the teaching staff with beautiful morning teas of sausage rolls and cream cakes. The school had changed Kevin as it gave him a new lease of life. He would still continue to visit the school, work in the gardens and feed the staff even after he stopped working as a cleaner. People say that St Mary’s owes a lot to Kevin “Chevy” Spencer. He was very generous with his time and talents. The school hall built in 2011 was named ‘The Chevy Spencer Hall’ as recognition for his extensive and tireless contributions to 
the parish and school community of St Mary’s Georges Hall.

O'Keefe House ( Gold) 

From Irish descent, and the eldest of three children, Fr John O’Keefe was raised on a dairy farm near the township of Nimbin. Fr John O’Keefe served as a Vincentian priest for 49 years. In 1973 Fr O’Keefe served as the first Parish Priest of the newly 
formed St Mary’s Queen of Heaven Parish. His ministry as a priest involved acting as curate (assistant priest) of Guildford before serving as Parish Priest of Enfield, Manly, Liverpool, Bankstown, Rydalmere, Westmead and Blakehurst parishes. When the new and existing Parish Church of St Mary’s Georges Hall was built in 1983, the old church was converted into a school library. This in turn was replaced by the new O’Keefe Library in 1990, the same site of the renovated I-Centre in 2011. Fr O’Keefe has spent his retirement years living up on the Central Coast.

Donoghue House (Green)

Mrs Elaine Donoghue was the first School Secretary at St Mary’s Georges Hall. After finishing high school, Mrs Donoghue attended Business College where she studied all office procedures. Mrs Donoghue was initially employed by the Commonwealth Bank, and eventually became a part-time teacher for Bjelke Peterson Bros. Mrs Donoghue had four children who attended St John Vianney Primary School Greenacre. It was here that Mrs Donoghue applied her love of sport to teaching Physical Education. She subsequently taught at Fairfield. Mrs Donoghue was asked by Sr O’Connell if she would like a part time job as School Secretary/PE teacher for students in Kindergarten to Year 2. Mrs Donoghue eventually became the full time secretary as the school grew. She always took a very active role in organising the school Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, as well as the Combined Carnival team as well. Mrs Donoghue retired from work in 1998 after many years, especially in her roles as secretary and PE teacher at St Mary’s Primary School, Georges Hall.

O'Connell House (Blue)

Sr Edwardine O’Connell, a Josephite sister was the first Principal appointed to Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School in 1979. Due to the growing suburb of George Hall, led to Sr Edwardine’s assignment to establish Queen of Heaven School. With only the Presbytery and an army hut for a Church, Sr Edwardine worked closely with Fr John O’Keefe to build the first two stages of the school. In 2008, she celebrated her 50th anniversary since joining the Sisters of St Joseph.