Our School

School Prayer
Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven,
We ask you to keep our school community
always under your protection.
May we be proud of our school as a place of
friendship and learning,
Where we care for our environment,
respect and help each other,
and do the best we can.
We thank God for our land of peace and freedom.
May we work to build a safe and happy future for all students.
We pray for our parents, our teachers, Fr. Josef and for each other.
With God and us together,
we ask your blessing today. 

School Song

St Mary's Catholic School, we welcome you each day
God and us together 
We gather, grow, and pray.
A place of faith,
A place of hope,
A place where we belong
This is our home here, St Mary's School

1. Caring for each other
Living as one family
Together we learn each day.
Inspired by the Spirit
Empowered by Your Word
Reaching out with justice and with hope.

2. God is all around us
In everything we see
Our classes and our playgrounds too.
Living in peace and harmony
We are one community
A star, a light, in the southern skies.

3. We have a friend in Jesus
He taught us how to live
Let's follow his loving ways.
With Mary his Mother
Our Queen of Heaven
Guide, bless and watch over us. 

Our School Pledge

​I honour my God  
I love my neighbour
I serve my country
and I salute the flag.