For Parents

At St Mary’s we:

  • know each student
  • personalise Learning
  • create a quality learning environment
  • maintain high expectations
  • use assessment to inform teaching and learning
  • contextualise learning
  • construct substantive communication opportunities
  • enhance capacity to learn
  • promote intellectual quality.


An assembly is held each week and awards are presented. Individual student’s achievements both in and out of school are acknowledged and recognised and posted in the School Newsletter. Each week the school recognises the five Mercy Values (Mercy, Justice, Service, Excellence and Compassion) and an award is given.


Each Wednesday students attend an assembly which is held in the school playground. Each assembly begins with prayer and the National Anthem is sung.

Weekly class and Mercy awards are given out at the assembly and weekly notices are announced.

Before-School, After-School and Vacation Care

An before and after-school and vacation care program operates in each school term. Bookings are made directly through the SMOOSH office (St Mary's Our Of School Hours Care Inc).

School Uniform

All school clothing items are purchased from PSW (Primary School Wear) at Kingsford. A second hand clothing store operates from the school. Please see the secretary in the School Office.

School Canteen

Our canteen features delicious foods which are cooked on site every day and enjoyed by all. Miss Michelle is an industry, trained chef and she keeps a healthy canteen for all students K-6. Orders can be placed in the class lunch Tub, or in person before school each morning.