Vision and Mission

Our Vision
St Mary’s is a school where:

• we are clearly Catholic in our identity and life
• students engage in active and creative learning
• pedagogy is inclusive, innovative and effective
• staff collaborate as a professional learning community
• we care for our school and for the Earth
• people are valued and can make a difference
• a reflective learning culture promotes excellence.

Our Mission
As a school community, we:

• ensure that our children grow in the knowledge and understanding of their faith and
  experience a caring and nurturing community that celebrates life, reaches out to others and actively cares for our
• develop a love of learning through providing a curriculum that is relevant and challenging and teaching    
   practices that adapt to meet individual learning needs
• recognise achievements, nurture gifts and talents and serve others
• form partnerships for mutual enrichment
• enhance our facilities to ensure a safe, pleasant learning environment.

Our Values 

In the spirit of Catherine McAuley we offer an education founded on the Mercy Values which nurtures growth of the whole person spiritually, intellectually and morally. 
Our students participate in school liturgies, outreach and community service and demonstrate the values of:

  • Mercy
  • Service
  • Justice 
  • Excellence and
  • Compassion.

School Prayer (The Suscipe of Catherine McAuley)

My God, I will belong to you forever.
Teach me to trust in You because I know you love me
and will always be near me.
Help me always to obey You even when it is hard.
Take from my heart all fear.
Help me to never be sad, but always joyful,
knowing that You are my God and that someday
I will be with You in Heaven.