Tuition Costs and School Fees

Tuition Fees: Kindergarten to Year 6

These fees are calculated and charged by Sydney Catholic Schools.

1st Child - $1338.00 per year 2nd Child - $1204.20 per year 3rd Child - $869.70 per year 4th Child – No Charge

Building Levy: Annual charge of $803 per family

Over recent years, many schools have undertaken major building projects for their primary schools. Increasingly, the funds to finance these major capital projects have been raised by the establishment of a School Building Levy.  The levy applies across the Archdiocese. Families with children attending more than one participating school will be billed on a pro-rata basis to ease the financial burden.

School Based Charges/Levy

In order to further streamline the billing process, a number of charges have now been consolidated.

·        Resource Fee: Annual charge of $450.00 for each student

This fee is a consolidation of the Curriculum and Class Resource Fees, Reading Eggs/Eggspress, Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) Online and Mangahigh Maths Online Program. Costs incurred for consumable materials such as printing costs, student workbooks, stationery materials, classroom resources (eg. Reading materials art  and craft supplies, first aid equipment and general classroom and student needs.

·        ICT Levy: Annual charge of $225.00 for each student

This charge covers costs such as broadband access, licence fees, data charges, antivirus management, insurance costs and equipment as well as hardware and software maintenance.

·        Cleaning Levy: Annual charge of $151 per family

This money goes towards the cost of cleaning the school and maintaining the school grounds.

·        Excursion and Incursion Levy

This levy is year specific. All classes are involved in Excursions and Incursions throughout the year. The only Excursion not included in this fee is the Stage 3 Overnight Camp.  This is charged separately.

·        Sports Levy: Annual charge of $151 per student Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Levy

It covers a range of activities throughout the year eg. Martial arts. The children from K-6 take part in a number of sporting programs throughout the year. During Term 4 the children from K-6 will take part in an intensive swimming program. The Swimming Program  fee is billed separately.

Total Fees per child (tuition, school and other fees) estimated to range from $2,600-$3,600 per year.  

St Mark's Primary School welcomes families willing to support the Catholic ethos, regardless of their personal, financial and pastoral circumstances. Families supporting the Catholic ethos will not be denied a place at St Mark's Primary School due to an inability to afford full fees. 

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