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Message from Canteen

posted 4 Nov 2013, 15:13 by
Hello St Marks community,
Thank you for a wonderful week. I have had the pleasure of meeting even more children and some great mums too.
Friday was quite a day.....Justine Perkins popped in to say hi and stayed to help out, my apprentice chef did a wonderful job so thank you Justine...I hope I didn't scare you away from the canteen...
Please find attached the lunch menu. Parents please note that there are some day restrictions. If something is ordered on the wrong day, I do what I can to accommodate your child's lunch. Sushi is only available on Thursday and Friday.
I have also attached the take home menu with instructions. I hope you find something there that suits your families’ meal.  Have a wonderful week,

St Marks Canteen Menu


Pizza - $3.50 ( Margherita, ham and pineapple, supreme) only available on Friday

Chicken stir fry $4.00

Pasta Bake $3.50 ( gluten free available at request)

Grilled Chicken Burger $4.00 ( Grilled chicken breast, lettuce mayonnaise)

Beef Burger $4.00 (Grilled beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, sauce)


Sushi $3.00 ( chicken teriyaki or tuna)

Sushi will only be available on Thursdays and Fridays

Chicken Salad $4.00 ( Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, mayonnaise)

Tuna Salad $4.00 ( Tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, my own special dressing )

Greek Salad $4.00 ( fetta cheese, lettuce, capsicum, onion, cucumber, olives, dressing )


Cheese or vegemite $1.50

Salad $3.00 ( lettuce, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, tomato )

Ham & Cheese $3.00

Chicken $3.50 ( grilled chicken, lettuce, mayo )

Tuna $3.00

….and salad $4.00 ( chicken or tuna or ham or cheese and salad )


Rolls or toasted .40

Wraps .80

Mini wraps .40

Piece of fruit .60

Frozen fruit cups $1.00

Frozen orange halves .50

Jelly or custard cups $1.00

Homemade muffins $2.00


Water (600 ml) $1.50

Juice , apple, orange or apple and blackcurrant


LOL $2.00

Choc or strawberry milk $1.50

Please note, all food is made fresh on the premises by me. All meat and produce is fresh, not frozen.

All salad dressings are made by me as well….

Counter snacks will alter but will always be healthy snacks so the children don’t get bored.