Student Leadership

In line with our Vision at St Mark's, children in Years 3 - 6 are given opportunities to use their gifts and talents in leadership roles.

In Year 6 all children share leadership through their membership in the Social Justice, Liturgy, Environmental or Sports Committees.  

Student School Leaders at St Mark's strive to demonstrate the following:

  • Active participation in the life of the School Community.
  • Respect for themselves and for others at all times.

Process of Student Leadership Development

By the end of Year 5 students will:

  • Participate in a Leadership Day with an external facilitator.
  • Be trained in the principles of Restorative Practice.
  • Participate in a Reflection morning where they identify the characteristics of a leader and the roles are explained by the School Principal and the current leaders.

Selection Process for School Captains and Vice-Captains

  • Year 5 students complete a nomination form for the Leadership Role for which they wish to be considered.
  • They prepare and deliver a 2 minute speech to the staff and their peers in fourth term on the topic "Leadership at St Mark's and how they have shown leadership".
  • The staff and Year 5 students vote, the results are collated, and the leaders are selected based how they have shown leadership over time.

Election of House Colour Leaders

  • Year 5 students who wish to be nominated for a Leadership Role deliver a speech to their Colour House.
  • All students continuing at St Mark's the following year vote for their preferred candidate.
  • Year 4 students who wish to stand for election for a vice-captain role nominate themselves and the members of the Colour House vote.

The Final Process

  • All the names of the elected leaders are put forward to staff and best possible positions for the students are identified.
  • Staff base their decision on assessment of the qualities of the students and align it with the most suitable leadership role.
  • The final decision is made by school staff, taking into account the outcomes of the students' voting process and our professional knowledge of the students in the school setting.