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Expectations of Students

At St Mark’s we have Three Expectations that help us all to be the best people we can be.  These expectations are underpinned by our School Wide Behaviour For Learning framework (SPBL).


The Three Expectations are:


        I can be safe                I can be respectful                I can be a learner


What is SPBL?

It is a comprehensive, integrated whole school approach to student wellbeing and behaviour. SPBL is closely aligned to the KidsMatter framework as they both look at developing and maintaining students wellbeing and mental health which clearly improves learning.


All staff and students will work from the whole school positive behaviour for learning expectations matrix that names the positive behaviour that we expect all students to display at St Mark’s.


St Mark’s has a Restorative Practice program. The aim of the program focuses on making friends and caring for them. Restorative Practice aims to:

  • Repair the harm done to individuals and relationships after a conflict
  • Provide strategies for social and emotional learning
  • Offer wrongdoing as an opportunity to learn
  • Build and maintain strong and nurturing relationships

At St Mark's the Restorative Practice philosophy focuses on:

  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Hope


A group of Mentors from Years 3-6 is present on the playground every recess and lunch to help their fellow students develop and maintain healthy relationships.