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St Mark’s Drummoyne prides itself on working in partnership with families and the community to achieve the best outcomes for their child’s education. That is why the school has invested in a digital communications process and platform – provided by an Australian provider that supports the school with smart phone and tablet friendly technology.

The school aims to communicate to families and the community in the following ways:

  •   Website – that provides a comprehensive overview of what St Mark’s Drummoyne has to offer.
  •   Newsletters – sent fortnightly, by email, which include photos and videos of most students to give you a real feel of what’s happening at the school, even when you’re at work!
  •  News Flash Update – emailed the alternative fortnight to include timely information.
  •  Smartphone App – for reminder alerts and unforeseen events, with quick links to newsletters, calendars and forms.
  •  Calendar – kept up to date for all school, volunteering and parish events.
  •  Forms – that can be used to quickly confirm absentees, details changing and contact a teacher.
  •  Surveys and Polls – to ensure the school is getting an accurate view on what the families want.
  •  Parent and Teacher Interviews – setup to allow a more structured progress update.

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We encourage any existing or prospective families to subscribe to our Newsletter and download the App, to get regular updates on what St Mark’s Drummoyne has to offer for your child’s education.