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Religious Education


Religious Education lessons are taught by accredited teachers who use contemporary teaching and learning strategies to develop students religious knowledge and understanding. The Religious Education Program compliments the Liturgical life of the St Mark's Parish.

Religious education lessons total:

  • Primary classes - 3 hours per week
  • Infant classes - 2.5 hours per week

The Religious Education Curriculum brings together the essential components of knowledge, understanding, appreciation and celebration of our rich tradition. Students are explicitly taught Scripture passages from the Bible through the use of storytelling materials including big books, 3D and 2D figures.

Teachers assist students in:

  • wondering
  • exploring 
  • prayer 
Students are able to use technology, art, drama, music, prayer, meditation, journaling and other inquiry processes to help them to relate these stories to their own life experiences. To know worship and love text books are used in the Sydney Archdiocese to support the curriculum in each grade. These are borrowed by the students through the library borrowing system.

Classes attend Masses once or twice per term. Primary classes also attend reconciliation each term. Students make their Sacraments through the Parish Sacramental Programs which are supported by the school.

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