Religious Education

The Religious Education Curriculum brings together the essential components of knowledge, understanding, appreciation and celebration of our rich tradition.

The Archdiocese of Sydney Religious Education Curriculum provides appropriate teaching and learning opportunities for the students and the Religious Education texts, To Know Worship and Love are used as a classroom resource to support the curriculum.


Our English program develops the skills needed to read widely with understanding and enjoyment; to spell accurately; to write grammatically in a variety of written forms; to listen effectively and speak confidently. Students also learn to critically assess literature, including both print and electronic media. A structured program of skill development in reading, writing, talking and listening takes place within daily dedicated literacy teaching sessions in every classroom from Kindergarten to Year 6. Language is central to students' intellectual, social and emotional development and has an essential role to play in all key learning areas.


Our Mathematics program involves a developmental approach to learning about number, data, patterns and algebra, space and measurement; developing, calculating, reasoning, predicting and verifying skills; and gaining a sound understanding of mathematical concepts. School structures encourage approaches to teaching mathematics which respond effectively to students’ needs.

Human Society & It's Environment (HSIE)

Studies in this area integrate the history of Australia, its geography, social institutions, environment and its place in the world. Students also learn about other countries and develop an appreciation of the diversity of cultures, religions and beliefs.

Science & Technology (S&T)

In this integrated program students gain knowledge and understanding of natural and built environments and people’s interaction with technology and their world. Students engage with science and technology through whole-class, group and individual investigations and ‘designing and making’ learning experiences.

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE)

Our PDHPE program promotes positive attitudes and good self-esteem. It involves regular physical exercise, learning about the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle, and developing skills in interpersonal relationships.

To view the entire syllabus for each Key Learning Area and the support documents go to the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES).

The Australian Curriculum

All Australian states and the Australian Government have collaborated over the past few years in an endeavour to develop the National Australian Curriculum. The actual development is being coordinated by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Implementation of the Australian Curriculum remains the responsibility of the states and territories of Australia. In NSW it remains the responsibility of the Board of Studies NSW. The due implementation for the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, History and Science was to have been 2013 however the NSW Minister for Education has delayed the implementation of the curriculum (as of August 2011) in schools until 2014 so that teachers may have the opportunity to engage, evaluate and prepare for its introduction.

In 2013 at St Mark’s we began professional development in preparation for the introduction of the new National Curriculum.

Parent Guides to the NSW Syllabus Documents for the National Curriculum can be found here.