For Parents

Parents' and Friends' of St Mark's

St Mark's Parents & Friends Association is a collection of voluntary parents who work together to promote a sense of community within the school as well as support the educational, physical and social needs of our children.

Through various sub-committees and individuals, St Mark's P&F runs the Fete, Mothers Day and Fathers Day celebrations, children's social activities, parent's social activities including class parents and provides support for numerous school activities and functions.

One of the major activities of St Mark's P&F is to raise money for the school, especially through the annual fete. All money raised has been spent in our school in a variety of ways including, the playground upgrade, technology, books, improved sporting equipment, drama, sport and supporting parents social activities and much more.

Being involved in St Mark's P&F will develop social networks which will benefit both yourself and your children. No contribution is too small.Our P&F meetings are the opportunity for you to find out what is happening at St Mark's academically and socially as well as have your input into the direction of the school. All parents are welcome to participate in our meetings, as they are fairly informal and everyone has the opportunity to have their say. So please come along.

Those of you who have children at other schools may be aware that P&F's at many schools are either inactive or non-existent. It is important that we keep St Mark's P&F contributing to our community and our children. As there is always an ongoing transition of parents as their children move on to other schools, we encourage all parents to become involved from the early years of their children's schooling.


Tony Burges – President (                                       P & F Model Constitution   
Kate Romaniuk – Vice-President                                                                          St Mark's current constitution
Liv Nixon – Treasurer 
Jennifer Bannan – Secretary