Weekly Newsletter 
The main school communication is through the weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains information of interest to parents, a diary of school events, details of Parents and Friends and Parish activities and items of community concern. The newsletter is emailed to parents and is also available on the school website and via the Skoolbag App. Please contact the school office to update your email address at any time. 

Information For Parents and Caregivers - Communicating with School Staff

There are ways parents can prepare for discussions with teachers and schools to assist in achieving positive educational outcomes. Open parent communication is vital in establishing a working partnership with your child’s school. It is important that parents and carers follow certain communication protocols to ensure a collaborative dialogue at an appropriate time.

Face-to-face meetings

Parents are encouraged to chat to school staff and get to know them. Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) are warm and welcoming local communities.

However, if you wish to discuss anything specific in relation to your child, it is important to make an appointment and have this conversation confidentially.

Teachers are available to meet with parents and guardians at scheduled parent/teacher afternoons to discuss your child’s progress. Your child’s teacher or school leader may also contact you to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss a particular issue regarding your child. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher or a school leader outside of those occasions about a particular issue, please contact the school office to arrange a meeting time with reasonable notice.

Due to obligations for teaching, supervision, meetings and extra-curricular activities, it will be rarely possible for a staff member to meet with you immediately if you attend the school site without notice. If there is an urgent matter you need to discuss with a member of school staff, please contact the school office directly.

Please do not attempt to meet with your child’s teacher or a school leader about your child at morning drop off, afternoon pick up or another school event. During drop off, pick up and at school events, teachers and school leaders are often on duty supervising students. If they were to engage in one-on-one conversation of any length with a particular parent this may cause them to neglect their supervision duties to all students.


Phone calls

All phone calls to school staff should be via the school main reception line. Each school reception is generally open for phone calls between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.

Teachers and school leaders will ordinarily be teaching or meeting during that time and will rarely be available to speak with you immediately, but the school reception will take a message and alert the class teacher as soon as practical.

If a matter is urgent, please alert the school support officer in reception accordingly. Urgent matters include urgent health issues impacting students (eg. forgotten medication), police issues or serious issues impacting student wellbeing.

For non-urgent matters, school staff, including teachers, will return your call or enquiry within three days.

If you become aware that your child or another parent has a teacher’s mobile number please inform the school office. Please ensure that you do not communicate with your child’s teacher by mobile phone.


Emails are a helpful way to communicate with your child’s school.

For non-urgent matters school staff including teachers will return your email or enquiry within three working days during school term time. School staff are not required to return emails at night or on weekends and ordinarily will not be checking emails during those hours.

We would encourage parents and carers to phone the school directly regarding any urgent matters as there may be a delay in receiving emails.


Social Media

School staff are not able to connect with students, parents or guardians via social media for child protection reasons. Please do not attempt to contact school staff via social media.

The name of a school is a private trademarked entity. Parents/guardians are not to set up groups in the school name on social media without consultation with and consent from the school’s principal.


Written notes

Primary school parents/guardians should feel free to send their child to school with a note for the office or their teacher.