Vision and Mission


By knowing, loving and following Jesus our learning community will nurture curiosity, ignite imagination and empower innovation for a sustainable and hope-filled future.

Mission Statement

Challenged and inspired by our rich history and the contributions of the OLSH Sisters and Marist Brothers, we, at St Michael’s Catholic School, Daceyville, are a community committed to making Jesus known and loved by:

  • Promoting a faith-filled and caring culture
  • Providing a dynamic and inclusive learning community
  • Working together in service to make a difference in our world

Learning Statement

Our learning statement is a clear description of the learning experiences at St Michael’s. This sets clear expectations about teaching and learning in our community and is underpinned by our shared vision for the school. This statement will help you to understand what we value the most about learning.

We Nurture Relationships

At the centre of great schools are positive relationships characterised by respect for the dignity of all. Building trusting relationships is fundamental to learning here at St Michael’s. This means our learners thrive within an environment of care, challenge and support.

We experience a wide range of relationships whilst learning: our interactions with others; our environment; with learning and our emerging sense of self. Central to the success of these is the relationship we have with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Learners experience a range of opportunities to collaborate with others, which means creating something together. Our connections with others and the social experience of learning is more likely to bring us joy.

Our investment in quality relationships, creates safe spaces for learners to explore the edges of what they are capable of. Taking risks in our learning is a shared experience where we support each other and provide continuous feedback, so that making mistakes is just another natural step in the process.

A learner’s emerging identity is a critical aspect of personal development. Through reflecting on their experience every learner builds an understanding of their personal strengths, areas for development and strategies for growth.

We nurture relationships at St Michael’s because this is a catalyst for creating the best possible conditions for learning.

We Empower Thinking

Every facet of learning relies on the quality and depth of thinking that learners experience. We are continually striving to create opportunities for every learner to engage their curiosity, think critically and creatively whilst reflecting on progress.


Problem solving and inquiry allows us all to develop a range of thinking skills and dispositions. We value the natural curiosity our learners have and see every question that is shared as a spark to better understanding. We empower curious minds at St Michael’s as we know these will be needed to contribute positively to a sustainable future.


We value creativity and we encourage new ideas. This occurs in a range of different contexts for every single learner. Creative thinking involves generating a broad range of ideas, developing potential solutions and responding to timely feedback. We empower creative thinking at St Michael’s to make the most of every learner’s imagination.


An essential aspect of thinking and a core skill for the learners in our community is thinking critically. Critical thinking involves asking questions, identifying and define which problems to solve, examining evidence and considering other people’s viewpoints. Learning at St Michael’s involves interrogating assumptions and biases, and tolerating the ambiguity that develops as we explore our own inquiry. We empower critical thinkers at St Michael’s to develop empathy and see the world with a broad perspective.


Reflective thinkers are powerful learners who understand the impact they have on the world and continually seek out alternative strategies and possibilities. Thinking about our learning helps us establish and use a language of thinking and learning. Reflective thinkers understand who they are as learners and are more mindful of the decisions they make. We empower reflective thinking at St Michael’s to regulate our choices, our behaviour and our learning.

We Ignite Creativity

At St Michael’s we believe that, by our very nature, we share in God’s creative process; this inspires us to strive for a sustainable and hope filled future.

Creativity is the starting point for innovation, involving the generation of new ideas that add value. The creative process is different for everyone so learning at St Michael’s offers every learner the freedom to express themselves in a variety of different ways.

Creating new ideas is often simply about making connections and our integrated approach to designing learning provides the ideal conditions for this to occur.

We support every learner to build the determination and perseverance it requires to develop an idea in response to a wide range of effective feedback and critique. We accomplish this through our commitment to developing positive relationships.

In a safe environment, with support and encouragement, our creativity can flourish. Learners are more likely to take informed risks by openly sharing their thinking, new ideas and any emerging questions they have.

We ignite creativity at St Michael’s by encouraging, developing and sharing new ideas.

We Foster Growth

At St Michael’s we cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and actively seek out ways to build and strengthen this. With high expectations we challenge every learner to strive for their own version of excellence.

Quality relationships are the foundation for everyone to grow and make progress. When we understand our learners we are better equipped to design learning that challenges them, is relevant and engages them fully in the process.

There are a diverse range of opportunities for growth at St Michael’s. We take the time to celebrate a range of accomplishments in an effort to broaden the measures of learning success. This might include supporting each other in a team game, using a new word in a piece of writing, completing a design project and pitching to experts or reading for the first time at mass. The list is diverse and extensive so we value every opportunity to recognise learning success.

Authentic feedback is essential to making progress in learning. Step into our classrooms and you would see learners sharing and receiving feedback and talking about the progress they are making. Learners are able to articulate where they are where they need to go next.

A skill we utilise here at St Michael’s is continuous reflective thinking on the learning process. This helps students understand what success looks like for them.

We foster growth at St Michael’s by striving for excellence and celebrating both the small steps and the giant leaps of learning progress that happen moment to moment.