Our School


Catholic Education began in Daceyville on Monday 18th May, 1914. On that day three Sisters, Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, set out on foot from the Convent at Kensington. They began school that morning with 42 boys and girls. Every morning for the next 11 years the Sisters made this 30 minute walk across the sand hills to teach at St Michael’s School, which was little more than a glorified shed. In 1924 Daceyville became a Parish, rather than an offshoot of the Parish of Kensington. School was transferred to a recently-erected church-school which is now the Parish Hall.

Difficult times continued in the church-school until, in 1939, a beautifully designed school was built, the basic part of our present building.

Many hundreds of boys and girls have received their secular and religious education as St Michael’s School, Daceyville. In 1989 the school celebrated 75 years of Catholic education in Daceyville, and the Golden Jubilee of our present school building. The buildings were renovated and new sections added during 2002-3. In 2014 the school celebrated it's Centenary.