St Mary’s Students


“I like St Mary’s because it helps me learn.” (Olivia.B)

“I like St Mary’s because I have lots of friends and it teaches me to write neat.” (Zahra.T)

“I like St Mary’s because learning is fun.” (Micah.V)

“I like St Mary’s because I love our teacher.”(Teagan.M)

Year 1

“I enjoy St Mary’s because everyone is friendly and includes each other. The teachers help me learn and I love coming to school everyday.”(Giorgia.M)

“I enjoy St Mary’s becau

se I can make new friends and I enjoy all the different subjects like sport, music, health and history.”(Max.C)

“I enjoy St Mary’s because I can learn in fun ways with my friends.”(Rokas.B)

Year 2

“I enjoy being at St Mary’s because the teachers are very kind to me and other students and they help us with anything we need.” (Florence.Y)

Year 3

“I like coming to St Mary’s because there are so many people that just warm your heart when you walk through the gates.” (Kiera M)

“I love St Mary’s because I love the teachers, my friends and Sport, Music and Health. I wish I could stay here forever. I want to be a teacher at St Mary’s.” (Lara.F)

Year 4

“The teachers at St Mary’s are kind and helpful.” (Alyssa.G)

“The sport and gala days are a great part of our school.” (Luca.M)

“The dance group is fun and entertaining.” (Zara.M)

“There is always a friend to turn to.” (Isabella.L)

“The teachers at St Mary’s are kind and respectful.” (Allegra.D)

“It is very easy to make friends at St Mary’s.” (Ethan.T)

Stage 3

“I love all of the fun gala days and the wonderful teachers that provide a great education at this school. I also love how everyone follows the motto of St Mary’s. I am very proud to be at such a wonderful school.” (Alexi.B)

I like my friends and the teachers at St Mary’s because they are always fun to have a joke with. They make education fun and I’m very thankful to be a part of such an amazing community.” (Houda.B)

“I like St Mary’s because it is a religious and fun school. I love learning with my friends. I also like that we have basketball and soccer courts for Kinder.” (Antonio.M)

St Mary’s Parents

"I remember attending the open day in search for the perfect school for my children. I took the role of picking a suitable school for my son at the time very seriously, and visited the majority of local schools both in and outside my area. St Mary’s was the first one I visited and I was lucky enough to have my WOW moment!

The students that I came across presented well, spoke well and were able to speak to the potential parents at the time in a clear and concise manner. These students were able to articulate themselves well beyond their years.  Most importantly, they all loved it here at St Mary’s.

You will have the pleasure of listening to our school Leaders speak today, and I have no doubt that you will be impressed. I was fortunate to listen to these students on Wednesday speak to our school community and for me it was another WOW moment. I am regularly amazed by the students at the school and the opportunities this presents for my own children.

St Mary’s vision: Open Minds, Open Hearts and Open Hands are present in my children’s everyday lives. The school vision which is extremely relevant teaches our children to be resilient, to strive for the best and most importantly to be kind. This message is not one that appears as part of the school logo and is forgotten, it is one that your children will live and breathe, along with a strong faith in the Catholic Church and its teachings.

The teachers and staff at St Mary’s are nurturing, caring and will strive to get the best out of each student, whilst understanding that our children learn differently and at different paces than others. The school works co-operatively with families to ensure our children reach their full potential. The staff are approachable and there is opportunity to be involved in your children’s learning at school, through reading programs, excursions, open classroom mornings and various other events. Ultimately it’s about parents and teachers working together as a team to achieve the best for your child.

I am extremely happy with the school and couldn’t be prouder to say my children attend St Mary’s." (Joanne. S)

“We love the sense of community at St Mary's, we felt very welcome from day one. When deciding on a school for our children, St Mary's seemed to provide a little something extra. The school's vision of Open Minds, Open Hands and Open Hearts is strongly felt throughout school life. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved with our children's school journey. As with all things the more you put in, the more you get of out it. Our children have been blessed with wonderful, caring teachers and we have met many lovely parents who are on the journey with us at St Mary's.” (Monica. D)

“As a family from a different faith the sense of belonging and the connections my family have enjoyed since joining the St Mary's community have been wonderful. The values taught and displayed are a testament to the strong foundations of the school and the dedicated teaching staff.” (Mona. P)

“I have been a parent at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School for 13 years, this being the last year my family attends. I therefore have experienced the growth, proficiency, changes and challenges this school has been involved in. The staff have been and continue to be, extremely dedicated to their invaluable roles as Educators of our children. With the support of the outstanding current and past Principals, Assistant Principals, The Executive and The Parish, St Mary’s has nurtured, educated and supported my 3 daughters, laying a solid foundation for their future education in the Catholic Ethos. The school caters for and supports the variety of students that make up this vibrant school community. It is a holistic school, embracing technology as well as instilling Catholic values and a social conscience in our future generations. The opportunities and possibilities offered at this school are varied and extensive whether they be artistic/creative experiences, sporting activities, academic pursuits, social justice interests, faith based activities or environmental concerns to name a few. My family and I are honoured and privileged to have been a part of this outstanding Catholic Primary School and wish it all the best as it continues to educate and support the future students and their families.” (Brenda. S)

My wife and I have been really pleased with St Mary's from the moment we first came to enrol our oldest child. The development of the curriculum, improved use of ICT amongst students, opening up of extension opportunities, addition of more co-curricular activities, clear communication with parents, and the strong links between parish and school are things we see as vital and areas where St Mary's has excelled. The warmth and generosity of the staff and parents add to this wonderfully inclusive community and assisted us a great deal as new people in the area. The way that SMOOSH operates, complementing and continuing the work of the school before and after school hours, is an added bonus. Our children, a third enrolled for 2018, love going to school at St Mary's and SMOOSH. (Matt. R)

“As kindergarten parents with our first child attending primary school we were a little nervous as with most parents when their little one takes the next step. St Mary’s Primary school Concord teachers and staff soon relinquished those fears. This school has our children's interests, education and wellbeing at heart. It has a strong, supportive and warm community feel, but most importantly our daughter loves going to school each day, she thrives both personally and academically because of this very reason. We are so happy that she will have the same positive memories at primary school as I did 35 years ago when I attended SMC. It was great then and still is today. Thank you to all the hardworking, caring teachers and staff.” (Marie. L, Nando. G)

St Mary’s Staff

“You are welcomed with open arms and made to feel you belong to a very special family.” (Maura.I)

“At St Mary’s we celebrate the uniqueness of each student, and encourage a love of learning, from teachers who love to teach.” (Vanessa)

“St Mary’s provides a happy environment with a sense of true belonging where teachers, students and parents unite with the common goal of facilitating and nurturing the development of the whole child through embracing their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and moral potential.” (Hanadi.Y)

“St Mary’s is accepting of every student regardless of the challenges they face and we are always willing to assist them in every way possible, even if it is by putting a smile on their face or giving them a reassuring hug.” (Josephine.C)

“We make a difference in the lives children each day through a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes and nurtures the diverse needs of all our students.” (Shani.C)

“Having a St Mary’s education is a tradition among many families in our area. As a teacher at St Mary’s for many years, I feel it is a privilege to see old friends and families returning to our community.” (Loreta.D)

"Everybody supports each other which makes St Mary's a great school." (Michelle.S)