St Mary’s School was established in 1853 and is situated in the Inner West of Sydney. It has a rich tradition and history, is strongly linked to the parish, and serves a multicultural population.

St Mary’s school provides quality education for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year Six. Parents, staff and students share an integral role in the life of the school.

The intrinsic nature of St Mary’s School is expressed in its motto: ‘Truth Conquers’. This is reflected in the ethos of fairness, cooperation and justice for all.

The community strives to live the gospel values as it builds its future based on ‘faith, hope and love’. Our new Vision for Learning, ‘Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Hands’, sits comfortably with this motto and underpins the ongoing development of our school-wide pedagogy.

Approximately 441 students are enrolled at St Mary’s School, divided into 17 class groups. A number of specialist teachers and support staff assist the classroom teacher to provide a curriculum that caters for the individual needs of all students. These include: Special Needs teacher, English Second Language (ESL) teacher, Physical Education teacher, Teacher Librarian, Reading Recovery teacher, Music teacher, Gifted and Talented teacher, Teacher Assistants, Literacy Coach, Family Faith Educator.

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Vision and Mission

Our Mission Statement:

We the community of St Mary's Primary School, Concord are committed to:

Opening the MINDS of students by engaging and challenging them in authentic learning experiences about the world they live in to inspire them to make a positive difference.

Opening the HEARTS of students by sharing the Good News of the Gospel and the teaching of Christ, as modelled by Mary our patron saint and the Sisters of Charity.

Opening the HANDS of students by demonstrating a commitment to social justice, serving the poor and disadvantaged, and caring for the environment.

Our Vision Statement:


As a faith filled learning community at St Mary's we work as a team to provide opportunities for the whole child to reach their full potential. In recognising and celebrating the academic, social, emotional, creative, spiritual and physical capabilities of each child, we encourage a sense of wonder, curiosity and passion for learning.


As a faith filled learning community at St Mary's we value and respect each person's dignity and individuality acknowledging that we are all created in the image of God. We place a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of the school community by creating safe and supportive learning environments that promote optimism, risk taking and resilience.


As a faith filled learning community at St Mary's, we provide a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity where all members are challenged, engaged and appreciated.