For Parents

Your decision to send your child to our Catholic school carries with it the responsibility of supporting the religious dimension of our school. This includes the Religious Education curriculum and the liturgical,sacramental and prayer life of the school. Together with the Parish Priest, Fr Manuel Santiago, we aim to support parents in the faith development of their children.

Fundraising Committee and Class Parents

Parents are involved fundraising and organising social events . St Thomas More's parents  work in partnership to build a sense of community.

Parent Assistance

All parents are required to complete a Working with Children form prior to assisting within the school. (See the 'CEO Policies' tab for more details).

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a forum that consults, listens to and seeks feedback from the local school and parish communities so that these communities work together to achieve common goals.

The Council’s role is to assist all and to seek feedback from parents relating school processes, curriculum, sporting program, parish connections, pastoral care, suggestions for Guest Speakers or anything at all that you would like to open for discussion.