About Us

Our Vision

St Michael’s is a Catholic community:

  • where Gospel values are central to all aspects of school life
  • where a dedicated and professional team inspires a love of learning
  • in partnership, where a spirit of communication, shared responsibility and celebration enhances school life
  • where learning is interactive, lifelong and focused on the individual
  • which cares for its members and acknowledges their uniqueness.

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and parish, we are committed to:

  • educating children in the Catholic faith
  • nurturing a welcoming community that proclaims, models and celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • creating a learning environment which provides a high quality education for children and inspires in them a desire for life-long learning
  • fostering a spirit of service that encourages children to share their gifts in order to make a difference to their world.

Vision for Learning

At St Michael’s learning is:


  • I participate, create, take risks, investigate, challenge, analyse, and reflect
  • I recognise that there are many different ways to learn and express myself
  • I involve my body, emotions, intellect and willing presence
  • I take responsibility for myself and for ownership of my learning.


  • I draw upon my experiences as a building block for my learning
  • I learn with and from my peers, my family, teachers and others
  • I am an active and responsible member of a global family.


  • I share my Catholic faith and spirituality with my community and the global Church
  • I share and celebrate success and achievements with my school community
  • I have goals and I am proud of my hard work and accomplishments
  • I embrace, appreciate and respect differences in our cultures and faith traditions.


  • I am an active life-long learner and a reflective thinker
  • I can apply my learning to new experiences
  • I can be innovative and learn infinite things
  • I am resilient and a person of hope.