Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

The time your child will spend in Primary School is a most significant period in your child’s life and in the life of your family. Catholic education looks at the whole person. For children, education primarily occurs in the home. This is particularly true of the spiritual growth of your child. The Catholic School, as part of the parish, supports the family in this development. Therefore, the full benefit of the Catholic school occurs when you enable the school, the family and parish to work in harmony to create a true environment for faith development.

As a school we follow the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and integrate His message of love into our daily activities. We strive for excellence in all academic areas and we are always very proud of our students’ successes. All students are encouraged to put forth their best efforts and are challenged each day by their teachers to reach their potential.

As a school we value the importance of each child experiencing success. We have many strategies, events and celebrations which allow children to be recognised for their learning successes. An Annual Academic Achievement Ceremony ensures that every child is recognised.

We value that parents make an important contribution to the education of their children and welcome working in partnership with parents. Many opportunities are available for parents to be involved in our school.

The staff at St Michael’s Catholic Primary is a collaborative group of strong educators who work in partnership with you in meeting your child’s needs. We will guide, support and assist your child in every possible way and we take a genuine interest in your child’s wellbeing.

Our website is designed to assist you in becoming familiar with the operation of our school so that you are able to support us in the education of your child. Evidence suggests that when parents are actively involved in their children’s learning, educational outcomes are maximised.

Let us bring to life the words ‘working in partnership’.

Mary Colagrossi

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