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The Feast of St Kevin, June 3, was the day chosen for the opening of St Kevin's School Eastwood, in 1925. The Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta, were responsible for the administration of St Kevin's for the next 50 years and in that time the mark of the Mercy charism was stamped on the school. Sisters from Epping began classes in the old church with 35 children. The register of admissions from that time records the first children being enrolled in November 1925. In 1976 the first lay Principal was appointed but the charism and traditions remained strong as well as the great sense of community. Our Mercy values of justice, respect, option for the poor, compassion and excellence permeate every aspect of school life.

The school now has a population of 400 students with fourteen classes of boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. Many specialist teachers support the students in a range of interesting programs.

The development of your child’s faith will be strongly supported by a Religious Education program that helps them to know Jesus and understand His teachings. Further opportunities to proclaim, practise and celebrate our faith are provided through strong relationships with St Kevin’s parish community.

St Kevin

St Kevin was born in Ireland in the 6th Century. He joined a monastery at the age of 12, but after a time left the monastery, lived by himself and spent a great deal of time in prayer. He found a quiet place called Glendalough and stayed there. He lived at one with nature for a long time, choosing to live in a valley between two mountains. As there was no place for him to live he slept in a very small cave in the valley.

Many years later some friends found him and encouraged him to return to the monastery. He became a priest and started his own monastery. He also built a church near where he lived in the cave. Many other men joined him in the monastery, and soon there was a very large settlement at Glendalough. He taught the monks about God, and quickly became known as a very good teacher. We remember St. Kevin as a holy man, a reminder to us to make prayer an important part of our life, especially as we come to know and learn more about our God.