As partners in Catholic education, our vision is to develop an authentic Catholic primary school, based on our five building blocks of learning.

Celebrate being Catholic

Our mission is to:

  • foster Christian values
  • embrace the teachings of the Gospels
  • immerse students in the Catholic traditions
  • nurture students in a faith filled community.

Embrace the Future with Hope

Our mission is to:

  • inspire a strong sense of hope and wonder in students
  • challenge students to make a difference in our world.

Encourage Successful Learning

Our mission is to:

  • provide an engaging curriculum
  • cater for individual learning needs
  • promote a positive attitude towards life-long learning
  • inspire students to reach their full potential in a safe, secure learning environment
  • utilise contemporary technology and resources.

Build a True Spirit of Community

Our mission is to:

  • encourage faith, hope and love between students, parents, staff and parish
  • invite parents to become active participants in their children’s learning
  • celebrate the cultural diversity of our community.

Promote Environmental Stewardship

Our mission is to:

  • guide our students to recognise and live their role as carers of God’s creation
  • model and provide opportunities to participate in environmentally sustainable practices.