For Parents

Children love to see their parents involved at the school. Parent involvement contributes to the building of school community, and helps to create a happy learning environment for our children.

Ways you can help your child

At Home

  • Reading to and with children
  • monitoring and helping with computer work
  • supervising and encouraging homework
  • responding to surveys.

In Classroom

  • helping to supervise on excursions
  • covering library books, sorting and shelving books
  • attending class and school events
  • parent Tutors and helpers in classrooms
  • sharing expertise or knowledge in class eg - talking to a class about your job

At School

  • participation in Parent Committees for fundraising and social events
  • participation in Principal Advisory committees on enrolments, finance, School Councils, policy
    development and appropriate school based consultation
  • welcoming new parents
  • parent/teacher communication: interviews, student reporting.

Every small amount of involvement helps to build a positive and cohesive school community