Our Vision

Believe, Persist, Achieve

Philosophical Statement

At St John Vianney Catholic Primary School Greenacre we are guided by the traditions of the Sisters of St Joseph and the teachings of our Patron Saint, John Vianney. We believe teaching and learning is a shared journey guided by the values of Faith, Inclusiveness, Respect, Empathy and Partnerships. We are committed to learning that engages imagination and to critical reflection which gives us the opportunity to appreciate God’s presence in all of life and creation.

Core Pedagogical Principles

Our core business is teaching and learning!
Our faith is at the core of our pedagogy!
Creative and Critical Thinking, Opportunity, Relationships, Engagement.

Creative and Critical Thinking - Is there another way?
As a learning community we acknowledge and support learning difference, challenge and develop thinking skills, nurture Habits of Mind, and embrace creativity and individuality.

Opportunity - I can do it!
As a learning community we provide opportunity for meaningful experiences that are flexible and challenging for the diverse learners in our community. We value and celebrate our successes and support risk taking that leads to innovative practice.

Relationships - T.E.A.M.
As a learning community, we work collaboratively to enhance community spirit by promoting a sense of shared responsibility through positive interactions which reflect our faith and the values of inclusiveness, empathy, respect and partnership.

Engagement - It’s my learning!
As a learning community we recognise the importance of a meaningful curriculum that strives to motivate all learners. We encourage enthusiasm and passion for learning throughout the whole school. We engage in interactive activities which incorporate current ICT practices. Student voice and leadership are promoted across the school in order to develop responsibility and independence.