Pastoral Care

St Joseph's is a community in the likeness of Jesus. At our school we aim to provide a respectful and secure environment where individuals feel safe and valued. We follow the teachings of the Gospel by fostering relationships that affirm the dignity and worth of each person. We recognise that parents are the primary educators of their children and share a joint responsibility with teachers in ensuring the welfare of all.

At St Joseph's all individuals should experience a place of hope and promise for the future, where the rights of individuals are protected and respected, and children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

St Joseph's Code of Conduct

  • Respect myself and others.
  • Care for myself and others.
  • Do my best always.
  • Keep our school a happy, clean and safe environment.
  • Demonstrate justice and fairness for all.

Positive Behaviour Reward System

Goal: To reinforce and reward positive behaviours exhibited by students in the classroom and on the playground. For behaviour that reflect positive behaviours children are given a "Way to Go!!" certificate.

These are tallied and recorded by the class teacher each day. When students receive six "Way to Go!" certificates they receive a Bronze award. Six Bronze awards collected then receive a Silver award and four Silver awards collected receive a Gold award!