About Us

St Joseph's Catholic Primary school is a one-stream primary school located in the St George district in Sydney's south. The school is part of the Eastern Region of the Archdiocese of Sydney. Together with St Francis' Xavier's, Arncliffe, St Joseph's is part of the Parish of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Rockdale City.

The school caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. There are 208 students in the school at present. 91% of the student population have a language background other than English. The school has a proud multicultural tradition and welcomes families from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

School-Wide Pedagogy

At St Joseph's we aim to deliver a contemporary curriculum that:

  • provides high quality learning opportunities.
  • caters for all students.
  • takes place in an optimum learning environment
  • is relevant to and makes connections with the students' world.


The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, the Assistant Principal, the Religious Education Co-ordinator and a Co-ordinator.

The staff is dedicated to providing high quality teaching and learning programs. At present there are seven classroom teachers, two English as a Second Language teachers, a Computer Literacy teacher, a Reading Recovery teacher, two Intervention teachers, a Special Education teacher, a Family Educator, and four Teacher’s Aides who work in a variety of areas.

There are two specialist Music/Drama and Visual Arts teachers who provide the regular class teachers with their mandatory relief from face-to-face teaching. Specialist sport teachers provide explicit instruction including athletics, swimming and dance.