Student Wellbeing

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Riverwood promotes a secure, healthy and supportive environment for all members of our school community. Student wellbeing is a shared responsibility between home, school and the community.

The school endeavours to provide a caring and nurturing environment for our students.

Programs and strategies are used to encourage and develop respectful relationships, positive social behaviours and critical and creative problem solving skills. These programs and strategies include: Social Skills, Buddies, Anti–Bullying, Student Leadership and Student Awards.

Policies relevant to student wellbeing are located in the Policies and Enrolment sections of this website.

Student Leadership

All students are encouraged to contribute to the school community and to demonstrate leadership in different ways. Leadership potential is encouraged and supported.

The Student Representative Council includes representatives from Year 2 to Year 6. The Council is led by the School Captains, and includes Sports Captains and Grade Leaders.

Examples of the responsibilities of the Student Representative Council are leading the Thursday assembly, representing the school at various community events, delivering special occasion addresses and votes of thanks, meeting regularly with a member of the School Leadership Team, co-ordinating, facilitating and judging the Annual Talent Quest, and demonstrating school spirit.


There are opportunities each week for the Kindergarten and Year 6 buddies to work together across the curriculum and this assists the Kindergarten students to develop positive attitudes to their school life and provides an important leadership responsibility for the Year 6 students. Many close and long lasting relationships develop through this program.

Other classes also work with buddies on special occasions and during our Social Skills Program.