Interschool Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in a number of optional interschool activities, including Debating, CaSPA, and Sport.


Each year students in Years 5 and 6 take part in our school based debating program and a number of students take up the opportunity to take part in the Eastern Region Debating Program.

Debating is another way of promoting co-operation, critical thinking, communication, and research skills. The program increases self-confidence, improves listening and speaking skills and increases awareness of social and environmental issues for individual students within a team environment.

The Eastern Region Debating Program is a valuable opportunity for students to meet and debate with students from other schools.

CaSPA (Catholic Schools Performing Arts)

Students are encouraged to take part in the Eastern Region Performing Arts Festivals and the Archdiocesan Performing Arts Festivals when they occur. Children from many primary schools gather together for a performance that includes all areas of Creative and Practical Arts.

Students from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Riverwood are encouraged to join the ensemble for choir and dance and students with a particular talent have the opportunity to join the specialist ensemble of singers, musicians, and dancers.


Sport plays an important role in the development of primary-age children. Organised sport offers opportunities for children to participate and excel in a range of activities that develop skills, confidence, self esteem and fitness.

Students from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Riverwood are provided with opportunities to compete at school, cluster, regional, and Archdiocesan levels, in addition to Gala Days, Sydney, State and National events.

Students are given the opportunity to represent the school at interschool sporting events for Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country and other selective sports such as Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Rugby League, Oz-Tag, Soccer, Rugby, and Tennis.