Our Students

St Joseph’s Mission Statement places Christ as our centre and model, and we work together to reflect the values of the Gospel in all that we do.

As a Catholic learning community we are committed to contributing to a school in which we all show the love of Jesus and work together, helping each other to do our best.

Our School Song was written by our student leaders in 2011, and expresses our hopes for students at St Joseph’s.

At Saint Joseph’s Riverwood
We follow Jesus Way
In our Catholic family
Each day:
We come to learn
We come to grow
We come to work and pray
All are welcome here
At our loving school
Parents, friends and teachers help
Each of us to do our best always
We work together
And in the footsteps
Remembering Saint Joseph’s life
of Saint Mary Of the Cross - we live
We are all learning here
Caring for everyone
We never see a need
Without reaching out in faith and hope and love