For Parents

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Riverwood encourages and actively supports a positive, supportive partnership between home and school. The involvement of parents within the school is highly valued.

For all children, it is crucial that a positive and mutually respectful relationship develops between family and the school. For the child, this will often result in enhanced wellbeing, more successful learning, as well as better behaviour and relationships.

Partnership With Parents

St Joseph’s School has a strong tradition as a caring and supportive community. We strive for a positive and mutually respectful relationship between family and school.

Family-school partnership is a collaborative relationship involving school staff, parents, students, and other family members of students at the school. We believe that we have a shared responsibility for the education of children at the school.

Parent engagement is important and necessary to the life of our school. Research demonstrates that a high level of parental involvement is strongly related to improved student learning, attendance and behaviour.

The school and the family work together to ensure that the children receive the best possible education in a strong Catholic school context.

Parent Committees are formed to enhance this collaboration, to foster community, and to provide opportunities for parents to meet and enjoy the company of other families within the school.

Principal's Advisory Council

The Principal's Advisory Council is composed of a number of parent representatives as well as the Parish Priest and the Principal. The Advisory Council meets once a term to provide wisdom in relation to broader areas of challenge for the school community. It provides feedback, support and advice to the Principal and assists the school in achieving its goals through the encouragement of social interaction and participation in educational programs.

Parents And Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association provides invaluable financial and practical support to the school. The Association also supports co-operation, collaboration and communication between family, parish, school and the wider community.