Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

St Joseph’s Primary is a school where:

  • our faith in Jesus Christ and the mission of the Catholic Church are central to the life of the school
  • teaching and learning opportunities are contemporary and engaging for each student
  • all students are actively responsible for and value their own learning
  • strong relationships between school, parents, parish and the wider community are highly valued

Our School Mission

St Joseph’s Primary is a school where our commitment to our students is evident through:

Celebrating being Catholic in Australia

  • Nurturing an environment where the Gospel is central to the lives of students, staff and parents and where celebration in the Catholic Tradition is highly valued
  • Encouraging in students a social conscience of the need to care for others
  • Creating a culture of environmental stewardship where students take an active role both at school and in their home to reduce their use of the earth’s resources
  • Fostering respectful relationships between school, parish, parents and the wider community

Ensuring Quality Teaching and Learning

  • Providing quality educational opportunities where the spirit of Catholicism permeates the entire curriculum
  • Providing a stimulating, challenging and differentiated curriculum which is balanced, holistic and allows all students to achieve success as learners
  • Encouraging greater parent involvement across the school
  • Ensuring the learning environment is functional, nurturing, secure and aesthetically pleasing
  • Providing high quality professional learning experiences for all staff members