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Mini Vinnies:

Nano Nagle Day - Week 9, Friday 13 September

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Social Justice:

Building Futures Today Assembly - Guest Speaker Sedtha Long    

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After visiting St Joseph's, Mr Sedtha Long from the BFT in Cambodia sent us this letter...


Dear St Joseph's students and teachers,
How are you? Trust that everyone in your family and the children at your school is doing great. My team and my family are fine. Now I got back to my normal life at BFT work again after my recent trip in OZ.
I was so excited and happy to meeting with both of you again and sincere appreciation for your kindness oforganizing brilliant morning tour at your school and evening at your groups from law firm. I was so enjoying and lucky to have a great opportunity to share about what we are doing at BFT and got an amazing response from your group including an establishing our charity organization for tax deductibility since it was on a top item of my dream list.
I was  so astonishingly thrilled from a visit at your school and learned so many great things about your school and your students. I was also surprise to see the great performance by them at the hall and had a great opportunity to meeting and talking with your amazing students and observing your school programs with incredible technology.   I was so envious and wish to see the children of Cambodia receiving chances to a better education like yours. Also sincere admiration and appreciation to all your students who involved their valued and busy time to support BFT and I was so impressed for their commitment and contribution including producing cartoon and other promotional materials.
On behalf of the staff of BFT and the people of Cambodia I understood that my words of THANKS, have never enough to your generosity but kindly accept it from the bottom of my truly heart again and again and I would also like to wish you all the best and greatest.
My wife, Sek and  the children and all the staff at BFT would also like to send their best regards and loves to you, your friends and your students.  Look forward to have your return again or a future visit from your friends  in Cambodia in the future.
Kindest Regards and Loves,
Sedtha Long, Mr.
Founder & Director
Build Your Future Today Center (BFT)


Student Leadership:Its Academic Team 2013 220.jpg

It's Academic -  
On Thursday 22nd August, a group of students from Year 5 and 6 at St Joseph's participated in the challenging TV show, 'It's Academic!' They performed extremely well under pressure as they faced gruelling questioning. The televised event will air early in 2014.

Well done and congratulations to all who participated.



Representative Sport:

070082 Etteridge Jerome.jpgJerome Etteridge has just returned from the Australian Cross Country Championships in Tasmania. Jerome competed against primary school students from all over Australia and came 6th! What an achievement!


Thank you to all who supported Jerome on this venture.




 Environment Group: