For Students

Student Leadership

Student school leaders at St Joseph’s strive to demonstrate the following:

  • A good example to the student community in areas such as observing the school rules, being polite and courteous and wearing the correct school uniform.
  • An ability to speak clearly and confidently when called upon to do so.
  • Respect for themselves and others.
  • A desire to be of service to all.
  • Responsibility and honesty.
  • The ability to motivate and encourage others to participate in school activities.
  • A positive and friendly attitude in all things that they are asked to do.

Students are elected into formal leadership positions at the end of Year Five. These elections follow a process that begins with the students completing an application form and indicating why they wish to be considered for a leadership position; how they have lived out the school motto and what qualities they feel they can bring to the role.


To assist the students transitioning into Kindergarten a buddy system where Year Five students are partnered with a Kindergarten student is developed. The process begins when the students are in Year Four and they introduce themselves to their buddy through an introductory letter. The buddies then meet in person at orientation and this assists the new Kindergarten students to settle into their new school environment. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to exercise some leadership qualities and also put into action the Nagle values they have been focussing on each year.