For Parents


Parental involvement is highly encouraged and supported through our PSC Linked- (Parents, School and community Linked). Each grade has between two and three grade representatives who will assist in organising the social and fundraising events for the school. Each grade is responsible for one event per year. Events include: Mother's Day Stall, Mother's Day and Father's Day Breakfasts, Discos, Family Movie Nights, Trivia Night, Golf Day and Dinner as well as events such as Carols and supporting charities such as Breast Cancer and Beyond Blue.

In 2015 the inaugural Parent Advisory Council will be formed. This council will consist of parents who have been invited by the principal and have a strong connection with both the school and the parish. The council meets once a term and looks at strategic planning for the school and the parish community. Members of the council usually sit for two years, with a change of half the members taking place each year. 

Parental Involvement

The education process is a partnership between home and school. Parents at St Joseph’s are encouraged to be involved in the life of the school through the PSC Linked and as parent helpers. Parent helpers assist in the classroom, the canteen, library, working bees, excursions, carnivals, etc. In order to be a parent helper every parent must attend a Child Protection and Work Health and Safety workshop. These workshops are held at the commencement of the school year and parents need to attend on an bi-annual basis.

Parent Forums on various educational matters are held throughout the year.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Close communication between parent and teacher is vital in the development of your child, and is strongly encouraged by the staff of St Joseph’s.

The school uploads a Grade Bulletin each term which highlights the key learning for that term. Grades also communicate through their class sites, blogs and Twitter to keep parents informed and up to date with the latest events in the classroom.

Parents are invited at the commencement of the year to attend an informal 'Welcome' gathering where they can meet their child's class teacher as well as other teachers and parents int he community.

Parents are also able to request an interview with the class teacher in the first few weeks of Term One if they feel there is something they need to discuss pertaining to their child's learning that would be important for the class teacher to be aware of.. Written reports and interviews take place in Term Two and Term Four. Parents and teachers may request an interview at any other time should the need arise. Teachers are available out of class time to meet with parents by appointment. Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child’s progress, simply contact the school or email the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.

School Hours

  • 8.30am: Playground supervision commences
  • 8.55am: School commences
  • 10.55am-11.35am: First Lunch (Recess)
  • 1.35pm–2.15pm  Second Lunch (Lunch)
  • 3.15pm   School dismissal
  • 3.15pm – 3.30pm  After school supervision

It should be noted that no supervision is provided for students who are on the playground before 8.30am or after 3.30pm.

St Joseph’s is a nut minimisation school which means that products containing nuts are not to be brought to school at any time. We are unable to monitor all products that have nuts in them but peanut butter and Nutella present a particular problem due to their sticky nature and the likelihood that they can remain on the skin for a long period of time. Unknowingly, contact could be made with an anaphylactic child and the situation could rapidly become life threatening. Therefore parents are asked to vigilant as to the foods they do send to school.