About Us

St Joseph's Primary is located in Samuel's Ave Jannali. We are very fortunate to share the site with St Joseph's Catholic Church which is located on Oyster Bay Road, Como.

St Joseph's is a two stream Catholic systemic school catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten through to Year Six. St Joseph's is a faith community committed to nurturing spiritual development, individual growth and quality education in partnership with parents.

The school was founded in 1953 to serve the educational needs of the Catholic community of Oyster Bay, Bonnet Bay, Como, Jannali and Kareela. The Presentation Sisters were the first leaders of the school; with the first lay Principal appointed in 1978.

The school aims to provide a learning environment which is engaging, relevant and authentic whilst utilising contemporary educational practices.  St Joseph's Primary is a community which believes that Christ's teachings along with the values of our founders, offer hope and encouragement as we strive to bring out the best in each student.

Our Crest

The cross is a symbol of our Christianity. An empty cross, that is, without the figure of Christ crucified, reminds us of Jesus' victory over death and the new life and hope this victory brings to believers. The fish symbol is an early Christian symbol. The original Greek word for fish is Icthus. In the original Greek, the letters in Icthus stand for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour:. The leaves symbolize the natural environment in which our school is located. The leaves also remind us of our obligation to care for the environment. Our Crest signifies that we are part