For Students

Student Leadership

At St. John's Catholic Primary School, the Student Leadership Team consists of eight student representatives. Each team member takes on one of the school's core learning values which they regularly promote throughout the year. The Student Leadership Team also runs the Restorative Justice Program. This coupled with several other activities allows the team to actively support and foster the caring community which is cherished here at St. John's.

Community: At St. John's, we are one group of many cultures. We work together as one with a shared and valued understanding of each other's gifts. We live the teachings of Jesus in our school.

Confidence: At St. John's we believe in ourselves and others. We have the ability to give things a go, take risks and accept challenges in a safe and caring environment. We aim to have confidence in ourselves and to stand up for what we believe in.

Cooperation: At St. John's we utilise a variety of skills to build effective teamwork. We want to build upon our strengths, respect our differences and work towards achieving our goals.

Compassion: At St. John's we strive to understand the challenges of others and support them through their experiences.

Commitment: At St. John's we are committed to owning our responsibilities, trusting ourselves, keeping our word, using our Gospel values to deal with problems and never giving up.

Conciliation: At St. John's we follow Christ's example of forgiveness. We strive to nurture harmony and peace in our school. We follow the Restorative Justice process which aims to promote fairness and strengthen the relationships within our community.

Creativity: At St. John's we believe that creativity is the ability to create new ideas and then make these ideas a reality.

Contemplation: At St. John's contemplation is an ongoing reflection. We endeavour to think about what we have been doing and, through reflection, identify how we can improve.