The aim of the Library is to organise and make known resources to staff & students so that student learning is promoted and enriched, and the professional development of teachers is enhanced.

Each class will be provided with a weekly library lesson. Lessons for Kindergarten and Year 1 will include a Library News Session, a literature reading and follow up activity and time for browsing and borrowing. Lessons for Years 2-6 will involve an author or illustrator study.

These lessons will include time for browsing and borrowing supervised by the classroom teacher. The library will be open at lunchtime, for passive recreational and educational purposes.

Students may borrow books for two weeks. Overdue notices will be sent home at the end of each term. Kindergarten and Year 1 and 2 may borrow up to two books before a maximum loan is reached. Years 3-6 may borrow up to four books before a maximum loan is reached.

Borrowing, Returns, Reservations and Renewals
These procedures will take place during the library lesson time, or during lunchtime. Borrower barcodes are held in a folder at the circulation desk. Students are encouraged to own a library bag for protection of books. Reserved books are kept behind the circulation desk with the borrower's name inserted for identification. Reservations will be kept for one month.

Overdue and Replacements
Once an overdue notice is sent home, it is expected that either the book is returned or the cost of the replacement book is sent to the Library or School Office.

It is not this school's policy to restrict student borrowing privileges unless absolutely necessary. However if a student consistently abuses their borrowing privileges, these will be withdrawn and only reinstated at the discretion of the teacher/ librarian.

Duties of Student Users
Library rules are kept to a minimum and reflect our school rules that emphasise courtesy, safety and respect for others. These rules are:
  • Have clean hands when in the library.
  • Talk quietly in the library.
  • Walk carefully around the library.
  • Take care of books and other resources.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the library.