Gifted and Talented

At St John's Primary School we have an understanding of the needs of gifted and talented students and are committed to catering for their preferred learning styles and interest.

Gifted and talented students are intense with their learning and often study areas at great depth. They perform best when interested, stimulated and challenged and they enjoy working with like-minded students. Combinations of measures are used to identify the gifted and talented students. They can range from a formal assessment through to teacher observation.

St John's put in place an action plan and policies to provide gifted and talented students with challenging and exciting curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Students participate in:
  • Ability Groupings for Numeracy and Literacy in Years K-6 
  • Cluster workshops held a Trinity Catholic College through out the year.
  • Art Enrichment Programs for students in Years 1-6
  • Excursions to provide experiential learning opportunities to support school programs