At St John's Catholic School the education of your child is very important and we welcome enrolments at any time of the year. When enroling your child, you will be required to fill in an enrolment form and provide the following documents to the office before the enrolment procedure can commence:

  • birth certificate
  • baptismal certificate
  • immunisation certificate
  • passport if your child was born overseas
  • passport for either parent born overseas
  • Proof of Australian Citizenship for either parent, if applicable
These documents will be photocopied and returned to you immediately.

The enrolment procedure will commence with a  interview at St John's between the principal, assistant principal, parents and parish priest. A time for this interview will be arranged on the completion of the enrolment form.

An Immunisation History Statement needs to be provided upon commencement of your son/daughter at St John's Catholic School and handed to the school secretary. If you have misplaced this form please contact NSW Health on 1800 653 809 to obtain another.

Who can Enrol

Children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment in a Catholic school. Priority for enrolment is given in the following order:

  • Children of Catholic families, who are actively involved in the parish on which the school depends.
  • Children of Catholic families residing in other parishes in which they are actively involved.
  • Children of families affiliated to churches in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, such as the Maronite Church.
  • Children of Catholic families residing within the parish/ parishes on which the school depends.
  • Children of Catholic families residing in other parishes.
  • Children of Orthodox or other Christian families.
  • Children of families of other religious convictions.
  • Children from non-Catholic backgrounds are accepted in most schools but will depend on vacancies and local policies. If you are not Catholic and seek to enrol your child in a Catholic school, please call the Principal of your desired school for further information.

School Fees

Payment methods are BPay, (details are printed on school account slips) Card or Cash.

Archdiocesan Tuition Fees and System Charges for 2020:

The Annual fees approved by the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic School Board for 2020 are set out below.

 Per Year   1st Child  2nd Child  3rd Child
Kindergarten - Year 6 $1183.00 $1064.70 $768.95

Note that Sibling discount for 2020 is 20% for the second child and 45% for the third child.  Fourth and subsequent children receive a 100% sibling discount.

Building Levy for 2020:

The Building Levy is a compulsory fee that ensures that your child is educated in facilities that meet modern standards for schools.  

*The schools participating in the family discount policy include all Parish Primary and Regional Schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

2020 Building fund amount is $559.

 System ICT Levy Charges for 2020:

The ICT Levy is an annual fee charged at $86 per child.

 School-Based Charges for 2020:

1. Resource Fee:

Kindergarten to Yr6 - $195 per child.  The resource fee is used to provide each child with classroom essentials such as pencils, crayons, pens, exercise books etc.

2. Excursion Levy:

Kindergarten to Yr6 - $62 per child.

3. Swimming Program:

The swimming program is compulsory for all students. The cost of the swimming program in 2020 will be approximately $123 which includes pool entry, 10 Learn to Swim Program Lessons, caps, certificates and bus fare.

4. Dance Fever: 

Kindergarten to Yr6  - $31 per child

5.  Stage 3 Camp: 

Stage 3 - This excursion is an essential part of the national curriculum and we highly recommend that all students attend. The cost of the 2020 Camp is $320 per child which includes accommodation, food, activities, and transport to and from the camp.