Congratulations to St John's Primary School Auburn on being one of the biggest improvers in NAPLAN 
"together we achieve more"

Principal's Message

At St John’s Auburn every student is valued as a learner.

We have a strong belief that all of our students are unique and progress at different rates.

We strongly believe all students are capable of being successful in their learning when challenged appropriately within our supportive and stimulating learning environments.

We place a high emphasis on addressing the learning needs of all our students,

including our high achieving learners.

We believe in the importance of teamwork and we are skilled educators in responding

to the changing needs of our students.

We consistently use goal setting with all of our students and explicitly teach

the St John’s learning values that include:


Is the glue that bonds you to your goals


Is winning the battle within yourself


Is the brain having fun!


We belong to one world, recognise, reach out and respond


Together we achieve more!

Our points of difference at St John’s Auburn:

  • A strong school improvement agenda which celebrates excellent student growth;

  • Dedicated and approachable staff who are committed to working in partnership;

  • High priority is placed on building and maintaining positive Christian relationships;  

  • Quality Religious Education program;

  • Close partnership with the St John of God Parish Auburn;

  • We celebrate our rich cultural diversity;

  • A safe, respectful and inclusive community;

  • Social well-being of students is of the highest priority;

  • We effectively handle all challenging situations confidentially and with respect;

  • We have a strong student leadership program - all students in Years 5 and 6 participate in Student Action Teams;

  • Continuous pathway of learning that starts in Kindergarten at St John's and continues through to Year 12 at Trinity Catholic College;

  • We promote the sporting pathways offered by Sydney Catholic Schools for students with athletic talents;

  • Students enjoy playing on our expansive playground space as well as the opportunities for passive play;

  • After-school care service available;

  • A variety of extra curricular opportunities in the school hall including Kung-Fu, Ballet and Zumba.

Yours in partnership,

Louise Maguire