While you can apply to enrol your child at St. Joachim’s Primary School at any time of the year (pending places being available), there is a formal enrolment period which runs from around April to the end of May each year. Please contact the school for an enrolment package.


Parents are interviewed by the Principal before the enrolment is finalised. The documents you will need to provide at the interview include your child’s Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate and immunisation records. A passport, with documents validating your child's current Visa status, will also be needed if you do not hold Australian citizenship.

The Archdiocesan Enrolment Policy gives preference for enrolment according to the list below:

  1. Active Catholic families from the Parish;
  2. Active Catholic families from other parishes who for special needs seek enrolment;
  3. Catholic families from the Parish;
  4. Catholic families from other Parishes again who for special reasons seek enrolment;
  5. Other Christian denominations; and
  6. Other Religions.

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum is a meeting which takes place at the school each term. Every parent is strongly encouraged to attend as this is where many important and significant developments in curriculum areas and other issues are discussed. Fundraising, Social Committees and any relevant sub-committees are founded here also and at each Forum, reports and updates are given from these committees.