St James is a very special school!

Read what our parents say about us:

Dear Mrs Bova and St James Family,




It was 18 months ago when we stumbled across this little school trying to get G into Kindy.  Since then, we’ve see him grow into a wonderful boy who has brought home a character, inquisitiveness and love of others that has been nurtured there in the St James Community.  T  (our youngest) has benefited tremendously also.  In his short time in Kindy, we’ve seen T grow in self-confidence, taking delight in surprising and demonstrating to Jess and I all the new things that he’s found in his brain.


We are thankful that our boys have been lucky enough to have been taught and guided by committed teachers who always have had the care of the children as their first priority.  To Ms Ivens, Mrs Thurgate, Miss Walker …. Our sincerest and deepest thank you.  You’ve set a wonderfully high bar for us to guage every other teacher by.  We pray that over the next 12 years, G and T are blessed to have teachers like yourselves.


To the parents, school friends and parishioners that we’ve met, come to know and love … we thank you as well.  Thankyou for helping create a great school and parish community and sharing living the school motto through your care and support.


Lastly – thanks to Mrs Bova.  Your community, faith, and school leadership we have admired from afar.  Jess and I both wished that you we’re coming with us!  Thanks for letting us be a part of St James and thankyou for playing an important part in G and T’s learning and faith education.  You’re a wonderful Principal and St James is very lucky to have your dedication, strength and leadership.


St James has been great to us and will always be a massive part of our lives.  We can’t thank you all enough .. we’ll miss you and we wish you all continued success.


Much love,


G, T, Jess & Aaron