Parent Community

Parent Community of St James

Parents and carers are invited to work collaboratively with the school to meet the needs of the students. Each year the parent community is invited to gather for a Master Plan workshop.

Parent consulting committees are formed at this gathering.

Team spirit is an important element of the ethos at St James. There is a high expectation that all staff, students and parents work cooperatively, to make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

Parent Education Consulting Committee

  1. To assist parents to achieve the goal of being the primary educator of their children by providing opportunities for their personal and faith development.
  2. To organise activities to meet the developmental needs of parents

Parent Social Consulting Committee

  1. To provide opportunities for social interaction between members of the school community.
  2. To encourage new members of the community to participate in school activities.

Parent Fundraising Consulting Committee

  1. To organise fundraising activities for resources that would not normally be able to be provided in the school budget.