Religious Education

While recognising that parents are the first educators of their children in faith, the Primary Religious Education curriculum enables young people to see and respond to God in their lives.

Throughout their primary years, children are invited to reflect on Sacred Scripture, talk with God through prayer, discover the beauty of God’s creation and explore the meaning of symbols and rituals. Above all other things, this is the time when young people come to know how much God loves them, and when they are drawn into a love of God and others.

St Joseph's uses numerous resources to support the teaching programs and learning experiences that are offered to our children. These resources include the "To Know,Worship and Love" texts that are used in the Archdiocese of Sydney, as well as resources that enable teachers to use a "storytelling" approach to share the scriptures.

Our children celebrate their faith through participation in whole school Masses and class Masses, daily prayer and Christian meditation. Our school enjoys a close partnership with our parish . Together we work to support the faith development of our students and our community.

Supporting Religious Education at Home

The "To Know, Worship and Love" text provides a link between school and home. These books are sent home on a regular basis and students are encouraged to share the stories and reflections with their families. Families are also encouraged to promote active worship and prayer at home. Throughout the year a Prayer Box will be sent home to encourage parents and caregivers to pray together as a family to further strengthen their own faith and the faith of their child.

Sunday Mass is the great event of the week, when all the members of God’s family come together to pray to God our Father. Try and take your children with you to Mass each Sunday. Teach them the simple actions of genuflecting and the sign of the cross. When a little older, your children will learn that at Mass we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Here at St Joseph’s Enfield there is a children’s liturgy of the Word each Sunday at the 10.30am Mass.

Sacramental Programs

Father Kim Ha is our Parish Priest and he works closely with the school to maintain a strong Parish and school link. Sacramental Programs are Parish-based. The school supports the Sacramental Programs by engaging in a unit of work related to the Sacrament. The preparation for the Sacraments takes place in the following grades:

  • Reconciliation: Year 2
  • Eucharist:  Year 3
  • Confirmation:  Year 6

Parents attend a Parish Information session and participate with their child in a series of Sacramental lessons.