Principal's Message

Our Salesian school is based on Don Bosco’s Preventive System. Bosco believed that if students were given clear expectations and they know what was expected of them, they would then understand when consequences were applied as they understood the expectations. The three main components are: RELIGION, REASON AND LOVING KINDNESS.


Religion:  Using the Scriptures and prayers will enable students to understand the love God has for them and the way they should behave towards each other.

Reason: Students need to know that expectations are based on reason and that only what is reasonable is expected of them. 

Loving Kindness: If students know that they are loved and cared for and are forewarned, they will understand when they are corrected if they made a poor choice in behaviour.

If you would like to know more about Bosco’s Preventive System, please follow the link.

With kindest regards

Anna Cindric