At St Joseph's our school uniform gives the students a sense of belonging and pride in their school. School uniforms are worn every day except on allocated Sport Days. School hats must be worn all year round.

Summer uniform is worn during Term 1, the beginning of Term 2 and Term 4.


Blue short-sleeve shirt, navy blue shorts, navy socks, black shoes, navy jumper or navy school jacket.

Blue checked uniform with blue collar and sleeves blue socks, black shoes, navy jumper or navy school jacket.

Winter uniform is worn the Monday after Mother's Day in Term 2 and all of Term 3.

                                           Boys                                                                                   Girls

                    Blue shirt, navy trousers, navy socks,                          Blue blouse, navy tunic, blue socks, black shoes,

                     black shoes, school tie, navy jumper                        navy jumper and/or navy school jacket. Navy tights, 

                                 and/or school jacket.                                       or navy tailored slacks may be worn in the cold                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                            weather if needed.

Sports Uniform

School Crest Sports Uniform- the same for boys and girls: shorts, tracksuit, polo shirt, white socks and supportive white sports shoes.


School Uniforms can be purchased from local uniform suppliers:

Saouma's School Wear

Saouma’s School Wear,     Saouma’s School Wear,

 Shop 2,200 The Boulevarde           3A Burwood Road,

 Punchbowl. Belfield.

 Ph: 9750 3276 Ph: 9642 6130

A second hand uniform shop is available from 3pm near the school library. For more information contact the school office.