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Playground Refurbishment

posted 12 Mar 2017, 18:48 by Ester Surija   [ updated 12 Mar 2017, 19:29 ]

In January 2017, the school embarked upon a major playground refurbishment project that will change the face of the school.

Working with the architects from Urban Landscape Projects, our students designed what they wanted in their play areas and will very soon see the fruition of their consultation come alive in their new play areas.
With generosity and hard work from the Friends of Arc group, both playgrounds will have changes implemented, with a finishing date around Easter. Intuitive playgrounds. marked mini soccer fields, a multi purpose court area with sports grass, a refreshed play equipment area, new handball courts and an inviting contemporary playground entrance will give STJA a whole new feel. 

Also in the planning pipeline is a refurbishment of the outdoor chess area and a new Nagle Garden area for the students to use. 

Now is a great time to be coming to STJA.

Walking the Prayer Labyrinth

posted 12 Mar 2017, 17:40 by Ester Surija   [ updated 12 Mar 2017, 18:31 by Vijay Kumar ]

Last Thursday and Friday , to coincide with Catholic Schools Week and our Lenten season, the whole school walked a Prayer Labyrinth as a form of Christian Meditation.

It is a Christian tradition to walk the Labyrinth in times of preparation and waiting , asking God to enter your soul as you walk meditatively and in silence to the centre and back out into the world renewed with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

All of the classes along with their parents were invited to do this and it proved to be a very moving experience of prayer.







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