Principal's Message

Welcome to the school community of St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School, Haberfield.

Our school was founded in 1910. Just one year later the Presentation Sisters from Wagga Wagga assumed leadership and continued in Haberfield for another seventy years. In the 1980s the Sisters withdrew from the school and lay leadership, under the care of the Catholic Education Office Sydney, commenced.

As a Catholic school, founded on the values and example of Jesus, we are bonded by our Baptism to live our lives in service and compassion for the poor and marginalised.

The school takes its strength from the inspiration of two remarkable women in history.

St Joan of Arc was a woman of courage and bravery who did not bow to the political pressure of her time and eventually died at the stake, a martyr for her faith.

Nano Nagle was a Irish woman who used her wealth to provide homes and schools for the homeless children of County Cork. After her father died and her funds dried up, Nano gathered a group of like-minded women around her and continued the work. After her death in 1784, the women Nano had gathered around her formed the Religious Congregation known as the Presentation Sisters.

Our motto, Forward with Courage, brings together the spirit of these two great women as inspirational role models for our students, staff and parent community.

The teaching and learning programs we offer are rigorous, fully integrated with technology and conducted in a contemporary classroom environment. Our Mission and Vision for learning capture our beliefs and values, shared by the staff, students and parents of our community.

From the first phone call you make to us, from the first time you come into our Reception area, from the first time you meet with me and look around our school, I want you to feel very welcome in our Catholic school community.

Our Principal is Mr Des Fox