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A picture is worth a thousand words!

Teachers at St Gabriel’s like to share the many moments of learning that happen every day.

We have recently subscribed to an app called Class Dojo which we would we like to invite all parents to download. The app allows staff to take a photo and post it to our “school story” with a short caption. Parents can access the school story through their app and can “like” and comment on the images, which may be of whole school events or individual class events.

Our school story is private and only accessible to invited users. Invited users will be parents, students and staff only. If you have concerns you can read their privacy policy here or come and have a chat.

Class dojo app - link to app store

A number of classes are also using another app called Seesaw which allows parents to view some of the work students are proud of. Seesaw allows students to take a photo of their work and annotate it; or make a short video explaining their learning or upload files from their Google Drive. This is then shared on a “class feed” and other students can ‘like” it and comment on it. Parents can also access their child’s work (though not the work of other children). Seesaw provides a platform to create a student story and a class story.

Seesaw for Parents app - link to app store

Some feedback from our Parents using the Seesaw Parent app:

“As a parent of a child in year 5 and another in Kindy I would like to highly recommend accessing the Seesaw app to all parents. This wonderful development allows parents to keep up to date with their child’s daily learning and classroom experiences, as well as giving you a window into the classroom as the children are able to edit what learning experiences they share. It also gives the children a safe environment to interact, share ideas and view each other's work, including helping to develop their online skills. It is quick and easy to access and I would encourage any parent to give it a try!” Kinder/Year 5 Parent

“I think the Seesaw app is great. Parents get to see what their children are learning in class, and what their goals are. Viewing the Seesaw app feels like you are in the classroom without interrupting the children. Many children find it hard to explain to parents what they are learning at school , so Seesaw is a great way to find out!” Year 5 Parent

“I do enjoy seeing what Jacob is up to in the classroom. The lovely face expression I get from him when I inform him that I viewed his work is just amazing.” Year 5 Parent

“It’s fabulous to actually see what the children are working on in class.” Kinder/Year 5 Parent

"Seesaw is a wonderful app that allows us into the classroom to see a snap shot of their school day. It's an insight into what they are learning. The app is easy to access, user friendly and notifies you when something new has been added. To have a visual is so exciting for my daughter when she is telling me about her day. SeeSaw keeps us updated in their world of technology & should be used more".  

Year 5 Parent